Port Alberni-Logging Road Hike

July 2, 2016

When people ask me where I'm from I've often found myself saying " That town you have to drive through to get to Tofino". Most people probably just know Port Alberni as an old mill town. Other people may have heard that it's the worst place to live in Canada. It was named as the worst place to live in Canada by MoneySense in 2014. To be honest I'm ok with Port Alberni staying under the radar.


One of my favorite things about Port Alberni is it's easy access to so many beautiful places with little to no people. A ten minute drive and I'm on my own personal trail. Pristine lakes, waterfalls and forests. If you're new to Port and looking for some nice walks or hikes check out this list from vancouverisland.com here.


Aside from photography I also work on a farm. The summer months are busy and typically my days are filled with picking and irrigating the fields on the farm. This year is different though, the farm has downsized considerably. I've had much more free time to explore the Alberni Valley as well as have time to work on my photography.


Here's a few photos are from a recent hike down a logging road. The trip ended in finding the perfect pothole to have a soak in. It was a pretty awesome day if you ask me.












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